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Dissolution of Civil Partnership– FAQs


My Civil Partnership – can I get divorced?
A Civil Partnership Dissolution is the legal equivalent of divorce for a married couple. The procedure is very similar and the end result the same. As with divorce there are certain grounds that must be established before a dissolution can be granted. Again like divorce, a dissolution is granted where a civil partnership is irrevocably damaged.


When can we can apply for a dissolution?
You must have been in your civil partnership for at least one year to be able to apply to for a dissolution of your civil partnership. This is intended to allow sufficient time for the partnership to work.


What are the grounds for a Civil Partnership Dissolution?
The only ground for dissolution of a civil partnership is unbreakable breakdown of the relationship. To prove that you will need to establish one of following four ‘facts’:

  1. Your partner has behaved unreasonably.
  2. You and your partner have lived apart for at least two years and both of you consent to the dissolution.
  3. You and your partner have lived apart for at least five years and one or both of you agree to a dissolution of your partnership.
  4. Your partner deserted you at least two years ago.

However as you will notice ‘Adultery‘ is not included, although it is considered one of the available 'facts' for divorce in heterosexual marriages.


What is unreasonable behaviour?
Unreasonable behaviour can either be a single serious event or a series of small incidents. Adultery, whilst not being a 'fact' to justify dissolution itself, can be used as a reason for a Civil Partnership Dissolution on the basis that it amounts to unreasonable behaviour.


Our team strongly recommend that your dissolution is dealt with in as friendly a fashion as possible. As a result, depending on your particular wishes, we often recommend starting the procedure by writing to your partner and telling them you plan to apply for dissolution. Often at this stage we try to agree the grounds for dissolution to take the heat out of the situation and to reduce levels of disagreement.


What will happen to any children?
Broadly, in deciding where any children should live in future, the courts will often give priority to whoever was their main carer during the relationship.


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