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Civil Partnership Separation Orders


We are a few months into our Civil Partnership and we want to separate – what can we do?
If your partnership has not yet been registered for a full year, you cannot apply for a civil partnership divorce.  However, during this period, you and your partner can apply for a Civil Partnership Separation Order. This order acknowledges that you are legally separated but you will not be able to apply for registration of another civil partnership until a full dissolution order has been granted.


The courts will not, however, automatically grant a separation order – you will still need to establish to the courts' satisfaction that your relationship has irretrievably broken down, along with one of the “facts” needed for a dissolution order.


Separation orders are broadly similar to “Judicial Separation Orders" in heterosexual divorces – they also provide an alternative to civil partnership dissolution if you want to formalise your separation without actually dissolving your civil partnership.


Please note that a court will not grant a separation order if children are involved unless it is satisfied with the care arrangements.

 in addition to civil partnership dissolution and separation orders,  there is one other alternative way of  dissolving a civil partnership - a decree of nullity, which rules that the partnership is either void (never existed) or voidable (no longer exists). This is very unusual, to say the least,and only applies in highly exceptional circumstances

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