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Civil Partnership Legal Obligations


There are a number of legal obligations associated with entering into a civil partnership.


Firstly, you are legally required to give notice when entering into a civil partnership. The notice is displayed in public for a period of fifteen days, after which, if all else is correct, you can enter into a civil partnership. Notice must be given in person, and you must both inform the local register office where you plan to have the civil partnership.


Immediately before giving the notice, you and your partner must have lived in the area for a minimum of seven days. If you or your partner is subject to immigration control, there are special criteria that need to be met: either written permission from the Secretary of State and a certificate of approval, a Visa providing entry clearance for the purposes of the civil partnership or showing that you have documentation giving you a settled status in the UK.


If you or your partner has previously been married or in a civil partnership, you will need evidence showing that the previous partnership has been dissolved or that the previous marriage has been ended through divorce. There are a number of details you will have to provide when entering into a civil partnership, including: Full name, age, address, nationality, relationship status at the current time, current occupation and the venue you intend to hold the civil partnership ceremony at. It is worth noting that persons that are over 16 but under 18 and are planning to enter into a civil partnership will usually need written permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). If this is not possible for whatever reason, they may be able to apply for a civil partnership through the Court system.


You can see that there is an awful lot to think about when entering into civil partnerships. A pre-partnership agreement may be a good way of letting you and your partner know where you stand with each other, and what should happen in the unfortunate situation that the partnership breaks down. It is advisable to seek legal advice when compiling a pre-partnership agreement so that you are covered as much as possible should there be a civil partnership dissolution [or civil partnership divorce as it is often called].


Due to all of the legal obligations there are a number of ramifications associated with a civil partnership dissolution. The process takes place through the courts can be a long and stressful time for one or both of the partners. If you think you may need a dissolution of civil partnership, seek professional legal advice.


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