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Civil Partnership Divorce


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The introduction of Civil Partnerships in the 2004 Civil Partnership Act was, for many same-sex couples, a dream come true – granting those entering a UK Civil Partnership after December 2005 broadly identical responsibilities and rights as married couples. In the first year alone, around 15,000 couples entered a Civil Partnership, although since then the numbers of couples entering Civil Partnerships every year has dropped to around 7000. However, those in Civil Partnerships are, of course, not immune from relationship breakdown and the numbers of couples seeking a Civil Partnership Divorce is slowly rising – 2010 saw 509 gay and lesbian UK couples seeking a Civil Partnership Divorce (or Civil Partnership Dissolution as it is technically known).

In any event, if your relationship is breaking down and you're thinking of a Civil Partnership Divorce, it makes sense to get legal advice from specialists. You can rest assured that our Civil Partnership Divorce team have that experience.

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  • Our solicitors understand all about Civil Partnership Divorce and can help you with the dissolution of your partnership by providing the right legal advice.
  • Our team offer a FREE initial phone consultation about the legal implications of your relationship breakdown.
  • Regardless of where you live in the UK, we can help you. We can take your instructions and give you advice you by both phone, Skype video and email – or if you live nearby and would like to come and see us, we can arrange meetings in any of our offices in Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire or Northampton.
  • Furthermore, if you live locally to our offices, our trained collaborative lawyers and dual qualified lawyer/family mediator can help. Both mediation and collaborative law can help to resolve outstanding legal issues surrounding a Civil Partnership Divorce speedily and without bitterness. We strongly support, whenever possible, the use of collaborative law or mediation in the dissolution of your civil partnership, or indeed in any other family law issue – visit the collaborative law and mediation page of this website for more information.
  • Our clients like us – the last time we surveyed our clients, 95% found that our service was “excellent” or “good”, with an even bigger 98% saying they would “recommending the firm to others”. That high degree of client satisfaction has help us to grow 1000% in only 13 years – simply because we take the time to find out what our clients want, and give them the service they deserve.

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